Céline Steudler, eager to return to the stage after the pandemic, has decided to meet the public with opera ensembles and solos, presented in a funny and accessible way for everyone.

But how to organise all this in such a short space of time before returning to the big stages of the theatres, with their long programming process… and… Eureka!

She called on Gabriella Cavasino, also a singer, and John Michet, a pianist, to offer a One Woman Sh… a Two Women Sh… a three people… in short, a mini opera show that is as concentrated as a ristretto after a good meal and as refreshing as an aperitif shot after a long day.

Perfect for any theatre, festival or private event, its totally flexible format can be adapted to any stage, fixed or improvised, restaurant, hotel, café, barn or caravan, inheriting the oldest tradition of travelling theatre.