Céline Steudler obtained the teaching diploma as well as the Master of Concert at the High Music School of Geneva. Then, the Master of Opera was delivered to her by the High School of Arts in Bern.

The soprano has received the teaching of various masters, including Vincent Vittoz, Ion Buzea, Marie Devellereau and Ivan Konsulov.

Céline Steudler started in the roles of Bastienne (Mozart), Stasi (Kalman) and Anitra (Grieg). On the occasion of the tour with the Fribourg Opera, she was able to perform on the the Massy Opera, in Besançon and at the Charleroi Opera in Belgium.

Under the direction of Laurent Gendre, Céline Steudler performed in the Szenen aus Goethes Faust at the Kultur Casino in Bern.

In the theatre of Biel/Solothurn (TOBS), we could hear her in several roles: Tatjana (Tchaikovsky), La Marchesa Lucinda (Piccinni), Arminda (Mozart), Suzanne in Figaro, a creation by the Swiss composer Christian Henking.

Last year, the singer sung the beautiful role of Elsa, famous figure of Lohengrin, this time in S. Sciarrino’s version, a creation that was performed at the TOBS as well as at the Bolzano Municipal Theatre (Italy).

Céline Steudler is currently singing the role of La Dubois at TOBS (Theatre Bienne/Solothurn) in the opera Casanova in der Schweiz, a work by Paul Burkhard, very beautiful music inspired by Richard Strauss.

In the chamber and sacred music repertoire, Céline Steudler has notably performed the beautiful Harawi by Olivier Messiaen and the 19 Polish melodies of Chopin in the original language.

Céline Steudler is the winner of the Elvira Lüthi Wegmann Award. She was also selected at Queen Sonja International Competition in Oslo, Norway, 2013