Contes En...chantés (Tales

M. des Contes Noël

The meeting between Céline Steudler and Arlette Gentil, storyteller, and their common passion for fairy tales, music and theatre gave birth to Les Contes En…chantés, where the two artists tell stories and sing for young audiences. Their creations will soon be extended to an adult audience and several projects are currently underway.

Arlette Gentil writes the stories and Céline Steudler the songs… Together, they form a very complicit duo. Both funny and touching, they amaze young and old!

The public is welcomed in the Maison des Contes in Cernier (NE), where the atmosphere transports us directly into a fantastic world… The two storytellers also travel on request, with the set.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us via the form on this website!